About My WordPress…



Hello, Hi!  你好!  こんにちは。Aloha! Hola!  Salut! Bonjour! สวัสดี!

This is my WordPress blog…

I started it back in March 2007. I like to share things I create, stories I write, art I make, photos I take, and more…

I invite YOU, of course, to please share your thoughts with me!

Feel free to comment on site or email me at niried AT gmail DOT com.

I really dig WordPress and the amazing people here!

Thanks for visiting!

再见 !

じゃまたね !

Mahalo Nui Loa! A loko e hana nei!


Merci à toi et à bientôt!



(Image credit: flowers used with permission: By Pixabay.com)


9 thoughts on “About My WordPress…

  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog, FUR Out CLOSET. You must like animals?
    I like the way you present your blog – different <3. Best wishes, Emy

    • Thanks Emy! I really do care about animals and I think your blog FurOutCloset, shares an important and amazing message! 🙂

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