Guest Post: A world without mirrors

What would it be like to live in a world without mirrors?

Those pieces of glass that bring such happiness – when we look good – and such misery when we see our flaws. And we always see flaws.

We look in the mirror several times a day – while brushing our teeth, putting on make-up, checking our hair, and clothes. What do we really see? Besides every flaw, our bodies have to offer.

It would be nice to live in a world without mirrors. No more seeing the wrinkles on our faces, the drooping of the skin as we age – all the imperfections. No more judging ourselves about the “spare tire” around our middles – the saddlebags on our hips – the cellulite on our thighs.

What would it be like to walk around and not wonder, “Do I look fat? Is my hair messed up? Do my clothes look alright? Do I look good?”

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without mirrors?

But then again, would it really?

  • – Barbara Crank





Image credit: Shannen Lob. Laguna Hills Highschool in California removed all the mirrors in the girl’s bathroom and put up signs of affirmations instead. To read more:


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: A world without mirrors

  1. They’re a two way phenomenon mirrors – (pun intended *laughs*) – I very much get where you are coming from so far as identity and self scrutiny business, but I use mirrors for light! I use them to make dark rooms lighter by careful placement, and have more mirrors than anyone else I know due to that. Some are too high to look in, some right in your face, yet I’m only aware of looking in them when I specifically choose to for a reason such as putting on jewellery or the like. Then again I am happy with the Esme in the mirror, and she usually seems pleased to see me- *laughs* so I don’t spend any time frowning back if I can help it. I think it’s society that needs to alter, not the looking glasses for people to be happy.

    Ever since I was a small Esme, I have ‘viewed’ mirrors as other lands one could walk into if the wind changed one day. Everything in sight at first being the opposite of that in this realm; once the next door is opened, if one could go farther in . . . who knows what kind of weird shenanigans might be going on? And that is why I would not be happy in a world without mirrors. Great post Barbara – *waves*.

    – Esme surrounded by mirrors (nothing dodgy going on) upon the Cloud

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