Iditarod dog racing is no different than dog fighting…

If you’ve ever taken a dog to do it’s business outside,
you know dogs – just like people, like to take their time to shit.
They stop, sniff around a lot and eventually, find a spot, hunker down, squat and squeeze out their dooty. It is basic. It is fundamental dog behavior and activity for taking a shit. And if a dog is going to piss – the activity is much the same – the exception being male dogs typically stop to lift a leg and piss. Granted that has, of course, something to do with marking territory as much as just taking a piss – but all of it is basic fundamental dog behavior and activity – and all dogs do this. And yet even something so basic as even getting to stop to take a shit or a piss is denied the dogs of the Iditarod dog race.
The Iditarod dog race is a cruel race where dogs are forced to run over a 1,000 miles in less than a two-week period – in blasting cold weather with almost no rest – and their lives 100% on the line. A race whereby dogs are forced to endure, snowstorms, subzero temperatures, icy waters,  “frostbite, bleeding ulcers, bloody diarrhea, lung damage, physical degeneration, pneumonia, ruptured discs, viral disease, broken bones, torn muscles, tendons and sprains ” and for many – ultimately death. And all of this is unnecessary and caused exclusively by being forced into the physical abuse of the race.


A race where the dogs are not even allowed bathroom breaks, instead, they must run and if the need to poop or piss arises – then they have to do it while running! Can you imagine trying to shit and or piss while running at top speed? I don’t think it is a fete even our top Olympic athletes could accomplish and to even ask them to do it would be disgusting and inhumane – so why is it okay for the dogs of the Iditarod to be made to do this? Why is it permissible to abuse them in this way – to deny them even the basic nature of going to the bathroom? There are no bathroom breaks for the dogs of the Iditarod race.

If even one of the dogs attempted to engage in natural dog behavior for going to the bathroom – it would be whipped or beaten by the musher, or dragged by the other enslaved dogs… and if it survived— it ultimately would be discarded- possibly killed as being unfit for racing. And so the dogs learn to shit and piss while they run. And run through each other’s waste – because they have to – it really is the least of the many terrible and inhumane abuses they are made to suffer.

Iditarod Dog Racing, is no different than dog fighting;

it is a vile, despicable abuse of dogs!

Just like greyhound dogs, the dogs of Iditarod are not racing because they want to – they are being forced to race, they are literally being enslaved and forcibly racing to stay alive, and yet ultimately that same race is the very thing that abuses them to death.

Every single person who enters dogs in the Iditarod race – knows for certain they are putting every single one of the dogs lives at risk, and the people do it anyways, they knowingly enter the race fully aware the dogs will suffer injuries and may die, and yet the people willingly still enter the race and risk the dogs lives.  Why? And for what? So a human can claim a prize? A trophy? Some money? A single dog’s life should never be sacrificed – and any person who abuses a dog – sure as hell, doesn’t deserve a prize!

The Iditarod dog race is a despicable, inhumane, vile abuse of dogs, and truly no different than dog fighting! The Iditarod dog race is cruel and vicious and should be put to an end immediately!


If you agree that the Iditarod dog race is abusing dogs, please sign the following petition, calling for the end of it! SIGN HERE:


(A bit dated – but still very valid info)
For more facts, see the Sled Dog Action Coalition’s website:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 5.28.26 PM


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