Short Story: All because of apples…

I think a lot of what people really love so much about movies, and stories in books, of course, is the synchronicity, it’s the incontrovertible series of events that though seemingly unrelated at first – yet, inexplicably come together so perfectly to form – what is meant to be, fate, destiny!

As if all of it, from the beginning – to the end –  all of it, had all really been planned right from the beginning!

And it’s funny too, because often when writing a story, it’s the ending as much as the beginning that often starts the story. And of course getting from the ending back to the beginning, or from the beginning to the ending – is all half the fun of fate, and destiny!

And that idea is what inspired me to write,

All because of apples…

all because of apples new flat small cover


I love apples. I love apples so much I go to the market every Saturday and buy a weeks worth of apples! Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve loved to do this and everyone who knows me – knows I love apples and I love to buy apples; especially, on Saturdays when the market has them delivered first thing in the morning fresh. And no Saturday morning is better than a Saturday morning in September – when the apples are at their best!

But one Saturday, the market had no apples. No apples!

How could this happen? I couldn’t go a week without apples!That’s what I told the grocer.

Well, he didn’t know why no apples came. And he said he was just as confused as I was – that there were no apples; because he loved to sell me the apples – that I loved to buy!

And especially, he was confused on account, that he had heard the town over – their market got an extra truckload of apples – delivered that very morning! He found that out when he had called them to see if they too didn’t get their apples – like he didn’t get his! But they did get their apples. Maybe they even got his!

Well, I didn’t know about any of that – “But, you say they got apples this very morning?” I asked him. And he said to me, “Yes, they got their apples this very morning. And well, if they didn’t get my apples too – who knows, maybe my apples will still come in – just later today.” He said. “Maybe this afternoon!”

And I said, “Well, maybe.” And went on my way; because I didn’t want to come back this afternoon just to maybe get some apples. I wanted apples! So, I was gonna go get apples. Which is what you have to do in life – when you want something – you gotta go get it for yourself!

So, I got in my car – drove all the way over to the next town, which as you know, is a very long way! Way over the three hills, cross that awful long bridge that spans that wide rushing river, and driving, along them, twisting and turning roads they got over there – which really do seem to turn upside down in some places – like to nearly made myself car sick – just getting there! But, I kept thinking to myself about my prize, them lovely, delicious apples, them fresh truckloads of apples! Why, I was gonna pick enough for a week and maybe more!

And sure enough, when I got passed the three hills, the awful long bridge over the wide rushing river, and beyond the twisting and turning roads – even the ones what nearly made me sick – at last, I made it to the town over.

And sure enough, I found my journey was well worth it – because true enough – the market had indeed received apples – not only their own Saturday truckload of apples, but, what looked like three whole harvest loads of apples! Can you imagine? Three whole harvest loads of apples! Why the lady grocer there – she didn’t know what to do with so many apples – she reckoned they got at least three towns worth of apples!

And it was a lot of apples! My goodness! Never seen so many apples! There were delicious looking red apples, yellow apples, and green apples…

And all of  ’em piled up right there in front of the market!

But I guarantee that lady grocer – she wasn’t complaining about the business of them apples — for business seemed brisk indeed! Why, what with everyone stopping to look at all them delicious apples, piled high in front of the store – it would seem no one had ever seen so many apples before! Why, traffic was stopping just to look at all them apples! And who after taking a gander at all them delicious looking apples, who couldn’t but help themselves and buy some of them apples!

They were all so beautiful and crisp and the fresh aroma of all them apples! Oh my! Just filling the air ~ the whole town smelled divinely sweet with their fresh, crisp scent ~ it just sent my mouth to watering! I knew I wanted to buy some of them apples quick!

And my, the apples were selling quick; seemed everyone wanted a week’s worth! And so I made to gather some apples, myself, but it’s really not so quick to choose the perfect apples from so many wonderful, delicious looking apples! But well, I made do, did my best, as you should always do, and sorted through the delicious looking red, yellow, and green apples….

And as it happened when I was just nearly finished – having collected a very good week’s worth of apples, I couldn’t help but wanting just one more apple – well darn if it didn’t seem three times as hard to choose that very last apple!

Did I want red, yellow, or green? It was so very hard to decide, so many tempting looking apples! But I did my best again, and just when I set my eyes on my prize – what I thought could only be the very best apple left for me – a perfect, delicious red apple – nearly brought a tear to my eye! And just as I reached for that perfect red apple – my hand grabbed – not the apple – but another hand, instead!

The hand of a lady – a very pretty lady dressed all in pink. And this pretty pink lady – she said she dearly loved apples, was mad for apples really. Why, she had come all the way by train – from the town over the other way – beyond the narrow river and four glades, round about the winding valley; done all that, just to come all the way here and get some apples!

“And well, the train ride was nice enough,”  she said.  “And at least she didn’t have to drive,” she said. “Driving made her carsick,” she said. But even if she had to drive she would have! Because well, she had to come hadn’t she – when she couldn’t find apples at the market that morning! Seems their truckload didn’t come in – and well, she just had to have apples, couldn’t go a week without apples!

She absolutely loved apples – especially for making pies with fresh apples. Fresh apple pie is the best kind of pie! And then she asked me if I liked apple pie – and I said, “Oh, yes, course I do; I do indeed like apple pie! Fact, I like everything with apples!”

And well, that’s how I met your grandmother – all because of apples…




(Originally published March 8th 2017)


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