Dream of the Murfluvians…

(Reading time: approximately 4 minutes)


D r e a m   o f   t h e   M u r f l u v i a n s 

Last night or rather early this morning, February 4th, 2017, I had a most vivid and peculiar dream…

I dreamed of merpeople, called the Murfluvians; they were beautiful merpeople who strangely had three eyes! Two of their eyes were just as people’s eyes, but the third eye was right in the center of their forehead!

The Murfluvians, of course, being merpeople with fishlike tails were excellent swimmers, but strangely, they only used their center eye for seeing underwater, always being sure to close their two middle eyes whenever under water. Then upon surfacing, they closed their center eye and reopened their middle eyes. Incidentally, whenever they closed the different eyes, in effect part of their minds were experiencing sleep, and so in a sense, they were both simultaneously dreaming and awake at all time!

Curiously, though they were merpeople, the Murfluvians swam underwater holding their breaths for very long times, though far longer than any surface dweller ever could! But none the less, they couldn’t breathe underwater – beyond the air they inhaled and swallowed from the surface. And quite curiously, though their noses were no less narrow (although really a bit wide) they had four nostrils! But the nostrils looked really like just two because it was more like each nostril was divided slit-like; and though four in number they only took the space of what we have for two. Anyways, the nostrils only very briefly flared wide – to inhale a breath and then pinched closed to dive back under the water.

And although the Murfluvians had learned to be somewhat intrepid or even skittish of humans – they none the less were deeply interested in human children, and more so of infants, especially when finding infants abandoned upon the rivers and currents. If the infants were dead – as so many often were, the Murfluvians would cry, and taking the infants with them, dive deep down into the water; and on the bottom of the rivers and seas bury the infants. But, if, if the infants were alive – oh, how happy the Murfluvians were too find such living treasure, and were very quick to adopt them!

And even more eager to raise the foundling infants as Murfluvian!

And though of course, human children make for strange children for Murfluvians, after all, humans have only two eyes – which unlike Murfluvians – we normally must keep open to see underwater and must also use both closed for our sleep; none the less, the Murfluvians were not deterred and taught the little foundling children how to close both eyes and still swim. It was okay if the children peeped! And the Murfluvians also taught the children how to keep one eye open, and keep one eye closed, and still swim underwater! But again, it was okay if the children peeped!

And when needing time to close both eyes and sleep, the Murfluvians would lovingly just wrap their arms around the children and keep them safe while they slept…

And of course, though the foundlings could not hold their breaths as long as the Murfluvians, how the Murfluvians loved to share their great breaths by – kissing air – directly to the children, or even blowing great big air bubbles that the children gobbled like hungry little fishes! It was great fun and a very practical way – so that altogether everyone could stay under the water, a little longer!

And really life with the Murfluvians was so wonderful that such found children would grow up and still stay with them and live forever as a Murfluvian.

But sometimes, some of the found children seemed to long for a return to humanity – though where such a longing came from, was a mystery – for children who were abandoned as infants and had never known people – well, how could they long for something they had never known, and never had? But yet, somehow, some could and some did…

And well, who can say where such a longing came from? But for such longing children, the Murfluvians would eventually help them find places close to shores – where human children like to swim! And though with great sadness, but greater understanding, the Murfluvians would release such children to swim amidst the swimmers; and when the children would go to shore, the longing children followed – for not only had they learned to swim, Merfluvians had somehow taught the longing children how to walk in shallow waters. And in this way, such longing children returned to people and their villages…

What a strange, but beautiful dream…but really so curious!

It was such a curious dream, I looked up Murfluvian online and could not find it… However, to my surprise, using Google Translator, I found Mer fluvial /Mur Fluvial = can roughly mean, sea water or river wall in French!


Isn’t that strange?

(Image Credit: eLaba of Pixabay.Com)


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