Seed Honoring

(Approximate reading time: 2 minutes)pastiche-orange-copy

S e e d   H o n o r i n g

Long ago, the elders told us of how our bodies have a sphere of skin that surrounds us. For some the skin is soft like fruit; for others, the skin is as strong as the bark of a tree, but it all begins the same – like the softest of seeds…

And here in my hands, the softest of seeds have flourished into warm, soft-bellied fruits; and when I touch them – I feel I am touching – the sacred skins of my as yet born children, so smooth and delicate. And with a vision of the future of my family to be, I lovingly hold these fruits and know I am really touching the glowing bright amber circles of my children…caressing them, loving them.

And I notice the small star like plug of their navels. And I want to unplug those delicate stars and make a whisper to hold instead – in those perfect hollows… tell them of my love for them and my wish to be their mother; for I am mother. I am mother – mother full of love for them – for my little star fruits!

And these soft, supple little bodies, these my incredible, delectable children – happy to know my love for them – rejoice and begin to play in my hands! They with full body perfection, perfect in purpose – roll and spin together! They compliment each other and show me how together they can run, and they can wonder around the lines of my hands, caress my fingers against the gentle burning promise of their cheeks, and with every warm touch, I promise back to them – that I am their mother. I am their mother!

These beautiful sacred little ones invite me to open my mouth and swallow my promise, to be their mother and with it, they too want to come, plant themselves deeper inside of me. Joining their bodies in promise to me; they are my children. They are my children!

And gleefully they laugh – to make me swollen with their love and ardor!

Eat momma, Eat Momma, they tell me.
I will baby.
I will baby.


Image credit: Pastiche made with images from Pexel.Com


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