Imagine if it were your family…

Imagine if it were your family…

Imagine if your family was traveling, and suddenly they have a wreck that tragically happens. Then, people who come upon your wrecked family, rather than help; the people take your injured and dying bodies of your family away and steal the remains of the wrecked vehicle. Then, the bodies of your family are butchered and dissected. It is too horrible to imagine.

And yet this very scenario may have come to pass sixty-eight years ago in July of 1947 in a place called Roswell, New Mexico. The infamemitchell2ous crash-landing of aliens/flying saucer.

I have always thought about what does it really mean, to believe in extraterrestrial life, other intelligent beings and then to imagine the horrible idea of what might have happened in Roswell New Mexico.

If truly another intelligent race of beings crash-landed near Roswell, and then we came along, and rather than offer help – we stole the bodies of the beings, and we stole their things and vehicle and then performed dissection and autopsies on the dead; truthfully how horrible that would be for the intelligent beings and how shameful for us! It’s been sixty-eight years since this incident took place and it’s been denied to have ever have happened. But if it did, if it really did, and according (to many people it did!) including,  Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell the 6th man to walk on the moon, it did!

Then, I wonder – has anyone ever apologized for the horrible actions of our people on that terrible event? Have we ever said, we’re sorry?

Have we ever returned the dead where they belong? To whom they belong?

Have we ever returned everything we stole that day?

I don’t know the answers to any of this. But if it did happen, truly I am ashamed of that history, and sincerely I am sorry, and I truly hope one day soon we will make every effort to be a more loving, peaceful species so that we can all help one another and avoid ever making such tragedy a reality.

That is why I made this picture and this statement: I’m sorry for Roswell.



If you really do believe in the story of the alien crash landing in Roswell New Mexico, then I hope you too will share this image/statement of apology; or make one as well, as a request for forgiveness and peace.

Uploaded to Wikipedia: ROSWELL INCIDENT MEDIA


One thought on “Imagine if it were your family…

  1. Good points made, and it ties in with a piece if writing I’m doing at the moment, you-ll see the connection when it’s finally finished. You have a good, kind heart Niried, Humans are generally so cruel.

    – sonmi.u.t.C

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