If you are in California- please make a call or email to help Kangaroo

I called and emailed!

KANGAROOAssemblymember Mike Gipson has gutted his gambling bill (AB 1188) and replaced the contents with language that would eliminate California’s decades-long ban on the trade in kangaroo skin and body parts in a sneaky bid to please the Australian government and kangaroo industry.

Kangaroos are in danger, and we need you to contact your state legislators to put a stop to this dangerous bill. YOU CAN USE THIS LINK TO DO SO:

Each year, up to 3 million adult kangaroos and hundreds of thousands of babies, known as “joeys,” are killed and then exported around the world. Mother kangaroos are shot, and joeys are pulled from their dead mothers’ pouches and clubbed, stomped on, shot, decapitated, or simply left alone to die from exposure. These animals are cruelly killed so that the adult kangaroos’ skins can be used to make sports equipment and “luxury” shoes.

Please e-mail your state legislators and urge them to vote NO on any effort to advance this dreadful and underhanded bill.

Then follow up with a phone call to Assemblymember Mike Gipson at 916-319-2064 and urge him to withdraw this bill immediately.

Sincerely yours,

John Di Leonardo
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


One thought on “If you are in California- please make a call or email to help Kangaroo

    Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
    The Humane Society of the United States

    Thanks to your calls and letters, AB 1188 — the bill that would have repealed the ban on trade in kangaroo parts — was defeated last night!

    You showed that Californians want nothing to do with Australia’s massive commercial slaughter of millions of these wonderful creatures every year. Companies using kangaroo skins for shoes and meat for pet food have alternatives and we are calling on them to stop making products from Australia’s iconic kangaroos.

    This caps off an extraordinarily successful session for animal protection in California, including landmark bills to ban the use of bullhooks on elephants for use in circuses and also to crack down on the commercial trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn. The legislature also renewed a critical spay-neuter fund, and the California Fish and Game Commission, acting on a measure approved in a prior legislative session, banned any commercial trapping of bobcats.

    Please join us in further celebration on The HSUS California Facebook page, and thank you again for speaking out for kangaroos.


    Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
    The Humane Society of the United States

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