Let’s call to end NIH experiments on baby monkeys! I called..

With the support of compassionate people like you and the help of scientists, celebrities, and members of Congress, we’ve made great progress toward ending the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) cruel psychological experiments on baby monkeys at a secretive laboratory in Maryland. PETA now needs your help to keep the pressure on.
Need a reason to call? Here are four. With your tax dollars, NIH experimenter Stephen Suomi is:

  • breeding dozens of baby monkeys each year to be prone to depression
  • separating them from their mothers at birth
  • locking them alone inside tiny cages
  • purposely frightening them in experiments to worsen and measure their mental illness

Please call Suomi’s laboratory at 301-496-9550 and tell him that these barbaric experiments need to end.
Because of an overwhelming response from our loyal supporters, Stephen Suomi’s voicemail box may be full! If so, please direct your comments to Lawrence Tabak, the National Institutes of Health’s Principal Deputy Director, at 301-496-2433.





Tiffany Rose
Senior Action Team Coordinator
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Add PETA on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Let’s call to end NIH experiments on baby monkeys! I called..

    • Sadly, so true Cindy. Oh, I just wanted to say that your post on WILD EYES was so healing. I was so sad after the news about the lion and giraffe who were both hunted and then I read your post WILD EYES. Your love and compassion for animals is inspiring. 🙂

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