Help Save Daniza: Mama Bear



If you were a bear,

and if I were a bear,

we could be little bears together.


And if we were little bears together,

we could live long, happy, peaceful lives together.

Amidst the green hills, the pretty flowers, the great big orange butterflies,

 the tall forest, and sweet honey bees, the shining rivers and fishing streams,

and just you and me, just being little bears together.


And when at last,

with so many





and days and nights are past,

and we are just two great big old bears together,

we could look at each other and then ask each other,

“Do you still remember when we were little bears together?

And they killed our mother Daniza?”

Please sign the following petition to voice support to spare the life of mama bear Daniza.


19 thoughts on “Help Save Daniza: Mama Bear

      • Mention not!! buddy .. After All we can grow better only with the support. I am glad and honored that you found my blog thoughtful and inspiring!! Hope it will serve you well. 🙂 Take Care!

        Swetank!! 😀

    • Hi Aquileana!Thank you for viewing.Just to clarify, the beautiful bear photo is not one of mine.The photo is courtesy of the petition.The words are written by me though!Thank you! ps.your blog is amazing! I have visited Buenos Aires and hope to do so again!

    • Hi Piotr,
      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful message! I had a family emergency that took all my attention.I will start posting again I hope soon.Thanks again! Be well 🙂

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