With my love for murals I have been meaning to go on a Camera Safari to see and photograph the wonderful Giraphic murals by amazing muralist Dan Fontes, however fellow blogger Oaktownart already has! I will still go but in the meantime…please have look at Oaktownarts fabulous photo essay on Giraphics!

Oaktown Art | Oakland Art, Public Art, Murals, Graffiti, Culture, Oakland

Since posting the life-size humpback whale mural from Kauai last week,  I was reminded of these giraffes because it seems to me these have been proportioned to be life-size as well. Although, to be honest, I’ve been wanting to post these guys ever since I first started my blog, um, let’s see… how long ago? Anyone? Anyone? It’s hard to believe… but I started this thing a full twelve months ago. And so, with no further delay…

It’s official… today is Oaktown Art’s one year anniversary. Woo hoo!!  (Here’s my very first post from a year ago.  An interesting side note is that this mural is no longer visible thanks to the new Lanesplitter’s on San Pablo, so I’m happy to have documented its existence here.)

And though I can’t say I fulfilled my initial goal of posting something every day, I’m pretty proud of the 200+ posts…

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