A Sunny Morning – Ajaytao

Last night from fellow wordpress blogger Chun2013,

I learned of fellow wordpress blogger Ajaytao had passed away.

This came as a shock to me and made me very sad. I had only recently met Ajaytao. We liked each others photography (his of many, many beautiful flowers and often including quotes that Ajay like to include. Having previously visited Ajays about page I learned he had felt like he had lived mostly an introvert and yet now he was wanting to share about his life with people.Sentiments I share. I also found out how Ajay fought cancer and in reading the kinds of responses he posted on his blogs , it was easy to know he was very kind and also very inspiring and sought to encourage all people and indeed, each of his blogs were truly inspiring and encouraging, touching many people’s lives. On one of his about page alone had over 900 likes!

I often found myself online in synch with Ajay; inspite of my being in California and him being in India still, we would be online at the same time.

The last I heard from Ajay I think was on August 9th and that was the day I post:

Photography: “Lake Tahoe: footprints on my heart”

“Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same.”words by:Flavia Weedn.

When I posted it, I was thinking, Oh! Ajay might like this because he does wonderful pictures with quotes.

Anyways, lately, I had been wondering the last few days where Ajay was because I was no longer finding his posts included in the wordpress reader. Then I found last night Chuns touching tribute to Ajay.

I will sincerely miss Ajay. He was so young still, only 54! But, I am very glad we had the opportunity to share with each other.






Ajaytao's Nature Blog

A Sunny Morning - Ajaytao A Sunny Morning – Ajaytao

Old friends pass away,
new friends appear
It is just like the days
An old day passes,
a new day arrives
The important thing is to
make it meaningful
a meaningful friend
or a meaningful day

Dalai Lama

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