Photography: “watchful listening”



Ryōzen Kannon 霊山観音, Kyoto.
Made with 500 tons of concrete with steel-rod frames, this giant effigy of the White-Robed Kannon was unveiled in 1955 to commemorate the soldiers who died in World War II and to pray for a peaceful Japan. The memorial’s own brochure is entitled “A Tribute to The Unknown Soldier, World War II.”  Made by famous Showa-era sculptor Yamazaki Chōun 山崎朝雲 (1867 – 1954).

NOTE: Ryōzen refers to Ryōju Sen 靈鷲山 (Skt. = Gṛdhrakūṭa-parvata). Translated into English as Vulture Peak or  Eagle Mountain. A mountain site in modern-day Rājgīr (Bihār state, India) where the Buddha gave several sermons, including the beloved Lotus Sūtra so dear to Kannon devotees.



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