Blue Open Sky: Image





















While I was going to school in Kyoto, I was very fortunate to participate as an intern for the Kyoto Journal. Incredibly the editor John let me do a lot of layout and images for various pieces.

One of which was for a poem, “Blue Open Sky” by Nanao Sakaki.

Blue Open Sky

How lovely morning of June!

I send off three Kamikaze pilots

Who head for Okinawa

With a heavy bomb under the wing of

Training fighter, the Shiragiku, or White Chrysanthemum

At an air base in south Japan, 1945.

One of them, Sgt.Goto, looks like me

With long hair and beard.

Soon after taking off

They are besieged by

Ten American fighters, the Grumman Hellcat.

Three silver winged coffins.

Three long-tailed question marks

In the blue open sky.

-Nanao Sakaki (1923- 2008)

My original photograph for the work was of course a blue sky with a hint of white clouds, but the poem didn’t land on a color page for the layout. So I wanted to share it here in color.



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