What I’m reading: The Jungle Book and Charlie Harper


I’ve been reading the original classic, “The Jungle Book and other Just So Stories” by Rudyard Kipling! Amazing 🙂 But, I also like to comparative read as a sort of self-study on methods of storytelling, so side by side I’ve been reading Disney’s adaptation, “The Jungle Book.” Both are very enjoyable!


I find it most interesting how they are the same story and yet, told in remarkably different ways. Some things are changed, and some things stay the same. Others things are entirely omitted! Like how in Kipling’s original, Mowgli is called a Frog! Mowgli’s wolf mother is much more fierce, and called Rakshasa the Demon! Also, Mowgli’s interaction with the human village is much more different! And the differences with the character KAA between the stories! KAA is a hero in Kipling’s helping Bagheera and Baloo rescue Mowgli from the monkeys! And perhaps most surprising is the stories endings with Kipling’s having the death of Shere Khan! Wow.

But I also like how in the Disney version Bagheera is portrayed so wise and respected and also how funny Baloo and King Louie are!

By reading both versions of the story, I feel I have a much richer imagination about the story of Mowgli the mancub!

Coincidentally, I was also looking at the fantastic works of Charley Harper’s “Illustrated Life”.

I think it would have been so neat if Charlie Harper had done an illustrated version of the Jungle book!


How about YOU? What are YOU reading?


2 thoughts on “What I’m reading: The Jungle Book and Charlie Harper

  1. Two of my favourite books.

    My Dad used to read me the Just So Stories and put on voices for each of the animals. I could just imagine the stories becoming reality. And the illustrations in the copy that we had were wonderful, particularly How the Elephant got his Nose. I am sure that this book helped me to envisage the scenes of Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns a few years later in my life.

    Then there’s Jungle Book. Also fantastic. And the original Disney film is one that I have seen in the cinema more than ten times. I never tire of it. Brilliant!

    • Hi Lance,
      many thanks for the kind comments! Yea, Just So Stories is amazing. I love the Jungle Book and like you have seen the Disney version so many time.
      I’m so excited about the live action version coming out early next year- 2016. It looks incredible. 🙂 Another one I might watch many times.

      PS I am not familiar with Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens; thanks for sharing. I will definitely be on the look out for it!

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