DREAM OF THE ASHWALKER by NvLee Episode 3: The Way of Walking pt4




Episode 3:

 The Way of Walking pt4

The Red~Tailed~Hyena were a kind people, and he soon learned their ways as his own. Learned to paint his body with the red ocher that they all wore upon their bodies, and he learned to happily cry the wiley whup~whup of their excited evening call outs!

He learned their ways of dancing and hunting, and the ways of making their dry bush homes, and ways of singing; and he learned to, their ways of fire stories ~ and listened to all their knowing tales of the hyena, and dreaming ~ like how dragonflies are the messengers of dreams!

And most importantly, he learned the older girl, the one who had come from the rain, was called Enali. Enali was beautiful; and somehow, Enali was familiar to him in a way he could never quite say, but could always feel.

Much grass had come and gone since that time, and even though years later he had gone on to leave the tribe of the Red~Tailed~Hyena; to return once again to follow the wandering ways of the Ashwalkers. Still, he was always happy to return to Enali. And with every footstep, he was at last returning again to her…


Towards the end of day, the Ashwalker neared the western coast of the flood~lands where the village now set. The people of the Red~Tailed~Hyena moved with the seasons upon their long grass homelands and took their round woven homes of rush mat wherever they went.

Upon his approach, the Ashwalker could hear the village alive with the familiar whup~whup sounds of the evening call out just beginning. The children, happily chasing one another, as beautiful women with newborn babes gathered round. And the elders sitting by, greet him with their grass~stained smiles and their wise, knowing eyes. The Ashwalker is known and welcome here.

Everyone knows, Enali has been waiting for his return.

When the Ashwalker finds Enali, he sees her from behind, even so, she is unmistakable with the dark flight of a ritual~made dragonfly ~ scarred upon the back of her right shoulder; the mark of one ~ who knows the messenger of dreams.

And just as she turns around to see him,

              the river of time slows down

                     its’ eternal flow






                                                                   l i n g e r s . . .

Page_13 small

They are reunited!

Theirs’ is a way that knows each other ~ as if it were always that way; even before first meeting in the long wet grass ~ not so long ago. Even without the bloom of a lotus pressed behind his lips ~ to hold his tongue from speaking, he would need no spoken words. Now, and forever, together in the unity of a heart beaten whisper, their eyes knowingly call to each other, and the beating of their hearts return each other’s names…

   His beating heart repeats her name,

*  Enali  *  Enali  *  Enali  *

Her beating heart repeats his name,

his name ~ before he was the Ashwalker,

*  Moongaiya  *  Moongaiya  *  Moongaiya  *


Then, from his puffed cheeks, and the seal of his handsome lips, Enali knows Moongaiya has returned with a gift of medicine for the village. She takes a hollow gourd already filled with the gathered water, and holding it before Moongaiya, she gazes as he places his lips to meet the water ~ and at last opens, his mouth, and out blooms a lotus!

A Lunar Lotus.

Tonight, the moon will be full, and the Lotus will glow pure as the moonlight! Together in the embrace of each other, Enali and Moongaiya will watch the sunset and the moonrise.



Later, in the night, under the bright light of the full moon, surrounded by the joyful songs and whup~whup of the village; there is the sharing of food, more singing, and dancing. And great fire stories are told and listened to, and the knowing medicine of the Lotus is shared.

As they watch the full moon, pregnant with light, roll heavy across the sky, Moongaiya traces a finger upon the ritual scar of Enali’s dragonfly, softly touching her moonlit skin; and Enali reaches to caress the moon. Soon they will sleep as lovers do, together in the warm night ~ beneath the moonlight, next to a slow burning fire, safe within each other’s embrace; and the taste of the lotus will invite powerful dreams.

And all in the village are lotus happy!




To be continued…

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