DREAM OF THE ASHWALKER by NvLee Episode 3: The Way of Walking pt1




Episode 3:

 The Way of Walking pt1


In the newborn light of day, the man takes the still warm ash of the night’s fire and blesses himself, rubbing the ashy sacred remains upon his skin, until all of his skin is once more the ash gray of an Ashwalker.

When he is finished with the remains of the fire, the Ashwalker reclaims the flower from the wet hole he dug and breaks the remaining tail of the stem from the flower, this he chews. The bitterness of the taste, the Ashwalker knows is not of the flower ~ but of himself.

Then he drinks of the cool night water from the small hole and presses the lotus’s petals softly together, pushing all the folded bloom gently into his mouth, and with one more handful of water, he surrounds the lotus once more with water.

Properly prepared, the Ashwalker is ready to be the vessel to carry the medicinal flower. In this way, the Ashwalker will keep the lotus tucked in his wet mouth, all the day long.

One last time he rubs his hands amongst the ashes. Then, with his feet, he steps the dead fire’s remains into the ground. And then the Ashwalker begins his walk.


He will walk as far as the day is long.

Walking the endless way, one foot in front of the other,

only his shadow to keep pace with him.


Walk. Walk. Walk. & Walk.

Walk the way of an Ashwalker.

Walk through the endless fertile grasses ~ that with the season’s long rains, have grown taller than a man. Despite the quickly growing heat of the day and his own burgeoning thirst, the Ashwalker still does not drink of the cool waters that he keeps in his mouth; but rather, continues to hold the waters to quench the lotus’s thirst ~ as he continues to walk…

As he walks, the Ashwalker listens to many things, the buzzing insects, the sound of his breath circling in and out through his nose ~ the whistling of birds, the hot wind rustling through the tall grasses ~ mingling with the grasses own whispers. And with his footsteps pressing through their whispers, he is reminded with every step he takes, that he is walking towards the village of his past.



To be continued…

Dream of the Ashwalker: episode 3 The Way of Walking pt2


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