Fury Factory Festival!


The FURY Factory is the only festival of its kind in the Bay Area, bringing incredible theatrical voices from around the country to San Francisco and expanding the national theatrical dialogue. This is an event about artists and community coming together, and we want to support the creators and collaborators who make this festival happen.



Dear friends, family, and colleagues,

I am so excited to announce the 2014 FURY Factory festival of ensemble theater. From July 6-20 foolsFURY will present works by 24 innovative theater companies from around the country. It is a wonderful opportunity for Bay Area audiences to see dozens of wonderful artists working in many diverse fields.

I have spent a good chunk of the last 3 years working to make this impossibly ambitious festival possible. And it is so very close to happening. We’ve built great partnerships, and managed to raise more dollar bills than I dreamed we could. Now, one month before opening, we need your help to raise the last $10,000.

Please check out our Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. If you can, please donate whatever is possible for you: $500 or $1 – it is all useful! If you can throw a few dollars in the pot, or even if you can’t please share the link on your Facebook page or send to others you think might be interested. Just the flow of viewers makes the campaign more visible through the Indiegogo algorithms. Check it out here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2014-fury-factory-festival-of-ensemble-theater/x/143783

I believe this is really important work, and I am deeply grateful to all of you for your consideration. You can learn more about the festival at http://www.foolsfury.org

Thank you,



RENB 2 300

As Mantras go: Midway on our lifes Journey

Midway on our life’s journey I found myself in dark woods, the right road lost/

To tell about those woods is hard, so tangled and rough and savage that thinking about it now I feel the old fear stirring/

Death is hardly more bitter.

The words above by the way, are from Dante’s Inferno. I was in class by Fools Fury Ben Yolam and he had our class memorize the above statement.
We would speak it out loud as we exercised. Interesting to note is the / slashes are meant as breath points.These are the places and only places we breathed while saying the text.

PS the Image titled “Renaissance Man”is a layered image I made using mixed media of found images layered together in photoshop.


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