Self Portrait: I’m a rainbow too

Self Portrait

The rainbow is a symbol of alliance.It is a symbol of Hope.It is literally a bond between heaven and earth.In conceiving of  the following series of what I describe as Rainbow Prayer Flags, which is a series of 7 images in reproduction on a sheer 12×12 inch swatches of fabric… I was synchronistically presented with  information of rainbows and their historical context with relation to the quality of Devine androgyne .Additionally, I also researched some of the meanings behind traditional Tibetan Prayer flags. I have included here together some of the inspirational texts.______________________________________________________

“The androgyne character of the rainbow is so strong with its peculiar symbolic character consisting in a special blend of androgyne with a conjunction of the biological and the Devine that there are many legends in the French, Serbian and Westfalian country sides about people changing sex when passing  under a rainbow.”










“In Tibetan Buddhism the rainbow body stage is an achievement which is reached by accepting  the first basic duality that of the engendered qualities of light and shadow.””Prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Prayer flags can be traced back to the ancient “Bön” religion of Tibet where shamanistic Bonpo priests used primary-colored plain flags in healing ceremonies.”________________________________

DSC00018 chishenflagdetail chishenfalgdetail2

“Tibetans believe as wind passes over the surface of the flags,
the wind will carry the blessings of the flags to all beings. “

 Traditionally, Tibetan prayer flags are arranged in sets of five, one in each of five colors.
The five colors represent the elements and are arranged to be in balance from left to right in a specific order: 

BLUE (symbolizing sky/space) 

WHITE (symbolizing wind/air) 

RED (symbolizing fire) 

GREEN (symbolizing water) 

YELLOW (symbolizing earth)

Inspired by this concept, I also considered the nature of the rainbow whose colors are:


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