Page from a journal

Page from a journal

The words are from poet Rumi if I remember correctly…and the image is a creation of layered images. I exchanged the image face of the Lion and Devi. Even though I call it Behold the Dralion it really is a depiction of Durga and the lion she rode.

And now resembles: a Lamassus or Apsasû. (Hybrid lion and humans see:

And in a way Bastet with the lion face.


I’ve always thought that the Lion and Devi were not separate manifestations but lived in unity as   one…to behold the Lion was to behold the Devi,  and to behold the Devi was to behold the Lion.

Interesting is the lion in most depictions is a male lion. I suppose a symbolic masculine manifestation of the Devi’s power.


I think also considering the associations of divinity and lions  as depicted in Sumerian, Akkadian,Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Christian spiritual traditions adds to my fascination.


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