What I’m Reading: Jack Kerouac

I’ve just begun reading Jack Kerouacs infamous On the Road. I had heard of it but never knew he actually wrote it as a scroll!” Jack threaded a huge roll of paper into his typewriter and wrote the single 175,000-word paragraph that became On The Road. The more than 100-foot scroll was written in three weeks but was not published for seven years.”

Forutantly, I have from my local library a published volume that is presented as “the original scroll”. It’s in book form but is still breathtaking.I was utterly absorbed in the first hundred pages before I knew it.In compliment to the gorgeous writing Jack writes it is just so refreshing to read something that is not molded by the demands of the literary industries fetish for mass production style ad nausem. The work reads as a comprehensive mind flow.It has typos and no paragraphs and is just gorgeous. It saddens me I’m already over 30 before I could have the experience to read something like that and more it seems like such a travesty that this edition of the original scroll came 50 years after he originally wrote it and it took five years for Jack to take the original scroll and have it edited into the more generic literary forms in order for it to origiinally be published.Just think of all the other beautiful works he could have created if he had not had to become a slave to the demands of the prevailing literay styles having to obsess on the mechanics of the form and could have just let it be as exactly as he originally wrote it!The very industry that seeks genuine authentic writers bliss is the very machination killing it.Having created a scroll I relish the phsycial reality of what Jack created…and working on my own writing i know the bliss of just writing and the tedious if not all out debilitating exercise of having to work on the mind numbing mechanics of structure of the written form that so often detracts from me creating more as I fixate on fixing my writing into the prevailing norms of acceptable style.
Bless you Jack Kerouac 🙂


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