Corel Photoshop Layered Image

About: Just a pairing of found media. The center foreground female character is from a post card I found about body modification.The background image is from a black and white ad from a magazine with Madonna in suit.Then there is slight overlay ghosted image I found but don’t know what it belongs to. It depicts a woman emerging from the split body of a man.The frame is made from the torn out pages of a notebook.

I don’t know why I really play with images this way.
But I feel compelled to do so!

These images by themselves captivate me, inspire me or otherwise intrigue me. But I always seem to then cut them out and sort of play with them not unlike paper dolls, layering them together freely as I make associations about their physical and psychological mood, colors and symbolic nature and distinct graphic beauty.

Then, when I am ready – I move to the computer and further continue to play with the images – only now with the ability to manipulate the images by degrees of size, transparency, color and further layering them together sometimes combining them with my own photography or illustrations in order to begin to construct elaborately layered imagery.

In this way, I feel I create a choreography of the images together where like a DJ sampling music I compose the pieces together from my own appreciation and thoughts of them…

I am in essence “quoting” the works in a visual way to illicit an evocative presentation – one that is present with striking mood, rhythm and rich in its own unique effect by suggesting metaphorical narratives that fulfill a fantasy of my own.

Did that make any sense? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Corel Photoshop Layered Image

  1. It does indeed. The layering works very well – it feels there are reflections bounced back and forth from the centre outwards. The needles give it an air of H.R. Giger as well, which for me adds to the organic flow, giving it’s edge the necessary input of pain.

    – sonmicloud

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