Still working on my book…

It sounds so absurd at times even to myself to say I am writing a book.So, I almost never tell anyone  outloud. But, it is true. I am writing a book. A story. A VERY LONG STORY. Hhaha.

I have been working on it I think pretty ferociously but yet it remains unfinished…

I like to believe I am at the point where I am JUST editing it AGAIN…

I read on JK ROWLINGS website it took her around 5 years to plot and write Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (which I just read that book for the first time like a week ago and now get what all the fuss is about 🙂

and I found a great blog

by Julie Wu.Success Story: Revision, Revision

and her journey to publishing successfully is very inspiring to me.

So without further adieu I need to get back to writing today.

ps. I love this picture. I wish I knew who it was made by.


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