Being the Difference…College Vs Laboratory?

Be the difference.

It’s an awakening catch phrase that can be a call to action…urging us to make the difference in the world we want to live in by being the difference. I believe in that ideal totally and really want to make a positive difference.

Sometimes, of course it’s pretty easy to get discouraged about what difference I am really making when at best I feel, unheard, uninvolved, with little to no resources available to me and just by being in America living the consumer life style ad nauseam I feel completely like I am more of the problem then the solution.

Still, I am convinced that there are tangible ways that I am striving to make conscious choices to minimize and even resist the otherwise deluge of apathy that can so easily take over.

That made known, I am trying to take account of what it is in my life that I am doing that I think is making a difference. So, with that in mind I consider the cost of my college education.

The total cost my education monetarily is still racking up as I finish my consolidation but so far my part of the bill is over $50,000 …that’s not even including what I actually paid out-of-pocket already while  I was in school.  I was also lucky to receive quite a few grants, scholarships and financial aid while going to school that helped foot the bill in addition to all my  20 plus student loans.

Thus, the cumulative cost of my attending college is an easy $100,000 plus dollars.

This is obviously a HUGE amount of money and I am very proud that I chose to ensure not a dime, not even a penny of that went to a school that conducts animal torture.

Choosing a school to go  that  did not conduct animal experiments torture was a very important deciding factor of which school to attend and also I think makes a big consumer statement of protest against such insidious practices.

It’s so sad to me that especially the  University of  California San Francisco is one of the top 10 most aggressive universities to conduct animal tortures. Considering how far San Francisco (City of St. Francis patron Saint of Animals) as a whole has striven to uphold compassion for animals the university remains a vile and sadistic exception.Torturing dogs, monkeys, mice, rats, cats, rabbits, birds…you name it.

Here is a ” list of the 10 worst offenders.

These are the 10 academic institutions with the worst Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations, the largest numbers of animals killed, and the most painful and invasive experiments, and they are the least willing to make humane improvements.”

I sincerely hope if you read this you too can make a compassionate and very strong monetary choice to boycott them or if you do attend them then at least speak out against the continuation of these cruel and abusive labs.

For more information please check out:


One thought on “Being the Difference…College Vs Laboratory?

  1. This info just came my way:

    Animals Burned, Mutilated and Neglected at University of Texas

    An insider at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) has contacted PETA to report that dogs, monkeys, sheep, goats, ferrets, and mice are being used in cruel experiments in which their bodies are burned, mutilated, and cut open and that these animals are also suffering as a result of inadequate veterinary care, improperly trained staff, careless handling, and severe neglect.

    The whistleblower says that experimenter Daniel Traber has subjected sheep, pigs, and mice to third-degree burns on up to 40 percent of their bodies and forced the animals to inhale smoke from burning cotton. UTMB experimenters also intentionally caused spinal cord and sciatic nerve injuries in sheep. One sheep who was subjected to back surgery reportedly could not stand for three days following the surgery and was given no pain relief.

    Our source also reports the following:

    * UTMB faculty members cut open dogs and surgically implanted tubes into their colons for irritable bowel experiments. One dog reportedly died during surgery, and another died in pain following surgery when staff members did not provide anesthetics and were apparently unable to use the monitoring equipment correctly.
    * A macaque monkey—a highly-social being for whom social contact is necessary to maintain physical and mental health—was confined by herself to a stainless steel cage in a room where she had no contact with and no opportunity to see or hear other nonhuman primates.
    * Several sheep and one pig suffered serious injuries, including a broken leg and trauma so severe that it caused one sheep’s intestines to penetrate her chest cavity.
    * Mice died, most likely as a result of dehydration, after staff members failed to notice that the animals did not have access to water.

    PETA has repeatedly reached out to UTMB through letters and phone calls in an attempt to discuss these alleged violations with the university directly, but our correspondence and calls have been totally ignored. Now, PETA has filed an urgent complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture calling for an immediate investigation.

    You can also be a voice for the animals at UTMB. Please take a minute of your time today to urge UTMB President David L. Callender to immediately conduct a thorough investigation of the university’s laboratories and dismiss any employees whose incompetence, negligence, or outright cruelty are found to have contributed to increased pain and misery for animals.

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