When I think of Dance…


When I think of dance…

I am alive with a desire to untie all that surrounds me,

reveal freely all my ability to arrive – fearlessly, born in joy!

Knowing who I am and proud to share myself.

I dance to heal, to manifest, blessings to those I love.

I feel my arms grow in the wind and bend…

And I sweep the floor and play in the ancient grass!


Loving this old game of skin and bone,

right from finger to the eardrum and then some.

And rhythm dragons come and swallow the human head to toe.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.49.33 PM.png

And then, I can cast far in every direction,

close my eyes and realize…

I am a burning blue flame twirling and flying across the darkness!

The lights surrounding me are mine to shine.

And across the years and the miles…

I dance not to forget, but to remember, and let the pain go away.

I dance, to discover like soft snakeskin, I shed it all away.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 4.50.02 PM.png

And along the way, I find I am fire made water,

a serpent of a river -flowing through my veins, blistering so real and wet upon my skin…

I know truly an iceberg begins to melt within.

And rhythm is a universe, and I am naked underneath her clothes.

It’s all just make-believe,

and I can be real when I undress and wrap up in all these colorful skins…

And I dance…dance with sweet fire,
and the old wind in my hair, full of desire,

with soft naked drums and more naked heads under my hands…

and I reach up, and push my hands higher,

raise the vibe, push it up higher and higher!

This is how I dance….

danceflat 2


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