Ode to the sound within my heart…

Ode to the sound within my heart…

Naked and serenely she voices her words to me,

while like a shell held up to her lips, I capture her knowing words.

Deeper than the ocean, her words bleed through me,

and swimming long – within the merit of her meaning…

I have come to find,

how she that was the whisper in my heart;

all the life of my long waiting desire –

has at last taken a comfortable rejoice

in naming me her chosen one!

Framing her body with mine.

It was not possession!

But rather refreshment!

As I realized the honesty of her within me.

Feeling her words breathe for me ~ with every heartbeat.

At last, as one!

Together, we opened the brilliant midnight of our lives!

And took no shame in the modest moon smiling upon us.

Transsexual Nikki Lee



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