Essay: Ask to be born?

Essay: Ask to be born?

When I was a child…even a teenager I can remember in arguing with my mother declaring bitterly, “I didn’t ask to be born!” and therefore expecting that she should avail herself to do whatever it was I felt she needed to do to better support me.

In hindsight, I realize the horror of that kind of blame/game. I have since apologized to my mother especially, as I have grown over the years to make a realization for myself; one that is very empowering and liberating.

That in fact, I did ask to be born.

I now believe that as a divine being, a sentient, being of incredible free will and choice that I actively chose to be born here and now in the world.I believe there is nowhere else in the universe I would rather be – than right here, and now on Earth. I believe I chose to come here, that I wanted to be born to participate in life and to be a part of the change that is happening here. A change that I hope will be of benefit. And so now, I whole-heartedly believe I most certainly chose to be born, here and now, and by divine source was fortunate enough to choose my mother – to make a spiritual agreement as it were to come to this world through her, and with her. For all of this, I am amazed and incredibly grateful.

I now believe that all of us have this, we all have chosen at the highest levels of our spiritual beings, chosen to be here and now.Because if not, if not by our free will, by our divine choice – then anything less would be an existence of slavery, punishment and abject suffering. A life of compulsory existence and victimization. A life we didn’t ask for.

I refuse to believe that I am here against my will, that I did not choose this life, that I am bound here as a mortal slave, suffering in life.

And so now, I realize that to own up to the epiphany that I am here in part because of my personal power, because of my free will and choice, I begin to express the potentiality that is also mine and I feel so liberated and empowered and both grateful and humbled as well.

Life is an invitation, a gift, a brilliant creation and I’m so happy to be alive!

And I am eternally thankful to the body and the kind loving spirit of my mother for helping me come into the world.(I hope I bless you mother!I love you and thank you!)

Ps. Interestingly, I just found out about a Sufi belief of choosing mothers and also a great poem.

Sufi mysticism, tells how the soul gazes upon the whole of the world and sees every soul that resides in the world. Then when a soul finds the one that will be able to help fulfill the intended life’s purpose, the soul makes a choice to choose this other soul as mother and the spirits of both the mother and the unborn make an agreement.Both souls agree to serve one another in spiritual life purpose. I agree whole-heartedly in this belief.

Here is a neat poem I found by Faith E. Pilato


they say the child chooses

the parent before

they are conceived

God gave me lists

of mother’s names

and pictures of them too.

I looked and looked

they all looked the same

and then I saw you.

Who is this woman?

I asked the Lord

She looks quite nice to me.

You have chosen well my child.

And he spoke these words to me.

She is kind and gentle

and very wise

and she will hold you

close to her

when you cry.

Her eyes will shine

when you take your first step

and smile at your delight.

She will show her pride

when you succeed

and pick you up

when you fail.

She will work hard

to give you the best she can

and rock you to sleep with weary time worn hands.

She will shelter you

on stormy days

and dry your fears away.

She will bask with you

in sunshine on

sunny summer days.

And when you are grown

like you soon will be

She will still be there

to comfort thee.

I choose her.

I told the Lord

For none like her

I’ve seen before.

And the day came

when I was born.

I had chosen well

of this I’m sure.

I picked you

above the rest

and because I did

My life is blessed!

Ode To Motherhood by Faith E. Pilato @FamilyFriendPoems

(I hope I bless you mother!I love you and thank you!)


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