Essay: Earth Born and Raised


The State of Arizona passed SB1070. This law will call for police officers to request documentation from people to ascertain whether or not they are undocumented. This is racial profiling and discrimination, (very Nazi Gestapo, “Your’ papers are not in order.”) and the officers will be relying on the appearance of people to detain them. Many US citizens and residents will be wrongfully harassed and detained.Having lived in Arizona,     I think this is a vile and gross happening.
-Nikki Lee

Essay: Earth Born and Raised

“I will never again feel a part of the country where I was born and raised,” she said.
-Chris Hedges: War is a force that gives us meaning.

The words haunt me,“I will never again feel a part of the country where I was born and raised,” they could be my words; they feel as if they are! Nationality seems like just one more thing, upon many that all seem like something I never agreed to – but by birth, I am forced to accept as a confinement upon me; so that others may lay claim to me or classify me…

The tyranny of that seems unbearable and so I make-believe I am a divine being who in wisdom, compassion and more than a little naiveté chose to be born here and now; not to be a part of one particular country but to be a part of the world.

The beautiful blue world with all its’ magic and possibility and secure in the knowledge of my choice to willingly participate!

Thus, the tyranny of nationality turns to a thin covering of an old superstition – held by people who wanted to make-believe in imaginary places of their own, where only they belonged, creating imaginary borders drawn on silly pieces of paper, but I don’t like to play in such limited places imaginary or not. Especially, when they try to be more real than they deserve to be and in doing so hurt so many…

And so I say, I will never again feel just a part of the country where I was born and raised.

I am Earth-borne and raised.

I want to travel the world and embrace all culture, all places.

We are all here and need to help each other.

We are all Earth-borne and raised.

We should all be able to live freely anywhere in the world we want.

Nikki Lee

(Image credit: WORLDHANDS Image by STOCKPIC at


(Image credit: Puente Movement by Puente Movement)

The Puente Human Rights Movement is a grassroots migrant justice organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. We develop, educate, and empower migrant communities to protect and defend our families and ourselves.


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