A life in Kyoto : Taste like?

This is an homage layered image I just did  in honor of:

Masami Teraoka’s famous,

“31 flavors invading Japan”


Mine merges me with the original picture.

I did a whole series of photographs of me posing while eating ice cream (soy variety) with an entire years worth of my favorite soy ice cream containers surrounding me.And yes I did eat my ice cream while wearing a kimono.

I’ve always loved his work and always wanted to emulate the picture…MASAMI

But I do think it makes an interesting comment. Teraoka’s work was about the influence of the western culture invasion.Such as 31 flavors of ice cream coming to Japan. And with mine it is interesting because so far here in Kyoto, I can hardly find any soy products that I enjoy in the west especially soy ice cream. 😦

UPDATE: July 11, 2009 at 2:00am

Wow!Masami Teraoka actually sent me an email about this photo after I shared it with him. Such a nice guy! Aloha.

Oh and a ps. I did find AMAZING soy icecream in Kyoto.The best I have ever eaten 🙂 So yummy!


3 thoughts on “A life in Kyoto : Taste like?

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