A lunch time fable…best read while eatting a red apple.

Approximate reading time: 2 Minutes)


Lunch beneath a tree…

by Nikki Lee

As all good fairy tales must go, once upon a time…

I fell asleep beneath a golden apple tree’s supple rhyme & there, I laid peacefully asleep. And it was as I softly lay sleeping there beneath the supple tree, that I had a very peculiar daydream so fair…

A daydream of Sir Isaac Newton.

Sir Newton or as he had me prefer, Sir Isaac, stood before me under the very same tree although now all the golden apples were quite surprisingly blushed red; as if someone had said something quite embarrassingly!

Sir Isaac deftly proffered to me a glorious example of one of these ornate red apples; and to my delicate surprise, I noticed that it was already once bitten – clearly enjoyed by Sir Isaac himself!

As he offered this still delectable choice  once bitten apple to me – with his handsomely supple fingers, he leaned in ever so close…. and my eyes beheld that he was a most beautiful person of gentle demeanor, handsomely lovely with a startling and daring brilliance to his eyes and still more he bore a passionate blush to his cheeks the likes of which brought to bare a violet rouge to my very own cheeks.

And then, not a moment more,

I felt his warm breath upon the bare nape of my neck, and with the languid sigh of his charmingly exhaled breath there upon my skin…the sky seemed to capitulate to the moving sanctity of a whirling universe parading into new realization…

I knew!

Suddenly, the press of the red apple to my vibrant lips and with the sweet crush of the apple’s flesh beneath my teeth, the  crisp body of that great apple ruptured with the bliss of being deliciously consumed; and the very sun so gorgeous with age, her rays erased from my mind  – and with it the day was gone!

Sir Isaac, darkly handsome as a man may be within the suit of a starlight night, then stood before me once more, and then he leaned in still closer to me, – his knowing lips were nearly upon my naked ear, and he whispered hotly and very seductively something to me…

Something, of alchemy, conjuring a dream of the lovely Hermaphrodite’ and the delectable taste of another kind of “apple”. In this tasty dream, there was a silly story in which there were four rivers that defied gravity as they flowed forever backwards in a foreign land called “Eden”.

I was truly shocked! And could only stare up into the dark raw brilliance of an undressed sky –  where a beautiful Botticelli moon nakedly rolled by – heavy across the heavens; leaving me to breathlessly wonder…

“Dear moon, if the apple falls, must you also fall?”


(Image Credit: By Jill111 of Pixabay.com)


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