What of the Moon & The Sun?

radiantWhat of the Moon & The Sun?

The Yin, the Mother Moon & the Yang, Father Sun, are two complementary, interdependent principles, phases in space/time; emblems evoking the harmonious interplay of all pairs of the seemingly opposites in the universe.

For as long as we have memory we have known this to be true. But what if now is a time that the universal expression of the chi of these two entities is being directed differently? And at last, the sun is being filled with divine feminine energy as the moon wanes and grows newly strong in divine masculine energy? It can be so. Many things change sex. Why not the Moon and the Sun?

Perhaps this is why I was born; I am a reflection of their change. So it is, as they are androgynously adorning our world with the radiance of their wise and knowing lights – to fulfill a new divine role – so too will brave people do the same.

In honor of this change I give daily praise to the radiant Mother Sun who adorns me with her long warm flowing hair; and I give praise to the handsome full Father Moon, who safely holds me in my dreaming sleep.



n i k k i ~  l e e


(Image Credit: Radiant by JohnHain of Pixabay.Com)


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