Essay: Just you and me…and maybe a broken mirror

Essay: Just you and me…and maybe a broken mirror

Transsexuals.We are not the new boys and girls of the millennium. We are the ancient divinities. We are sacred beings of the oldest lineages of humankind. Our bodies are not simply a physical transformation; they are an acknowledgment to the spiritual reality of which all human beings spring from.

And yet, our bodies are made the topic of discussion, and that which is sacred have become the stigmata which we are made to believe should be objects of shame. Our hands, our faces, our hearts, our genitals all ridiculed and made into the ridiculous, the pornographic or the subject of suspicion and disdain. Our unique beauty is persecuted, disbelieved. Our self-respect is torn away from us, beaten from us, raped from us. We are now called prostitute, beggar, and clown.

We are construed as suffering mental illness, being perverts or even punished for sins of a past life. Because of this and more we have even tried to excuse our own nature saying, “We didn’t ask to be born this way – we say it is a curse or a birth defect.” It doesn’t matter. We are still disowned from our families, actively subjected to discrimination and persecution in every category, in every way, every day.

We are not covered by rape laws and are harassed and abused by police and the common man. Our rights are not acknowledged, and in many countries, it is even illegal to be ourselves. We are not allowed to marry or adopt children and often not allowed even if successful in “changing our sex” to be allowed to change our identity legally on paper.

Governments continue to issue orders to suppress and marginalize or completely make it illegal to promote out likeness in media – while the few sources that do depict us, do so often with either ignorance and or actively with malice by perpetuating misinformation about our gender all the while using us to sensationalize their own abject entertainment just to further demean us.

Psychologists interfere with us and define us within their own misunderstanding; limited by their own realization that the binary rules of gender to which they participate and perpetuate do not actually recognize the inherent reality of our being. Especially, when they are at best witnesses to the experience that we live…and at worst they are profiteers of the very same elite male phallic centered power that is the instigator of so many of our tortures. And so really they offer us nothing other than colluding to reinforce the binary norms of male or female – the very dichotomy that force us to go into the extreme of submerging our own truth, making us ashamed of our gender as we continue to have to be one or the other – male or female; but never admitting we are something truly other. So much so, that we strive to become the invisible transsexual, the passable one.

For all of these reasons and so many more;
I write this letter to say I am not ashamed!
I will not be a victim!
I will not be your entertainment or your whore!


I can be anyone I want to be.

I will be your wife, your mother, your brother, and your sister. I will be your father, and your son, and your daughter. I will be everyone you ever thought you knew.

And in the end…
I will even be you; you staring back at me – wishing you could be me through a broken mirror.


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