Essay: The word GOD

(Approximate reading time: 2 minutes)

Essay: The word GOD

part 1.

The word God, whether meaning the canonical God of Christian, Catholic or other rites, or the personage of a god of Greek and Roman traditions, or western interpretations of India or any other religious or spiritual practice, no matter its use – the very word, GOD is a word loaded with a masculine meaning – one that is fulfilling a patriarchal identity, and is intended as the resolute, all commanding power of the father.

Even in the instances of having many gods, the word, GOD and it’s meaning then becomes multiplied into a variety of self-supporting masculine entities – all in service and performance of the male ideological power as lord and creator, the father.

To compare the word, Goddess is to maintain that patriarchal dominion, whereby the goddess becomes even in the supposed connotation of an equal to a god – still, the goddess is a response word prescribed as a derived form of God, thus subordination.

So, I have come to personally avoid trying to use either god or goddess as words to reference the spiritual capacity of what is presumably both and neither, the great divine, the all holy androgyny, so I love and use the word DIVINE to reference all that is well, divine.

Essay: The word GOD

part 2.

And I wonder if there is not some secret to the word divine having a relation to the word Devi?

Which also makes me wonder if patriarchal power threatened by the ideological possibility of the Devi didn’t author the word Devil in part.

Essay: The word GOD

 part 3.

And of course, let’s never forget, “man’s best friend” the dog when written as DOG and held up to a mirror in a western written script reveals GOD! Haha. Woof!


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