In search of Wize Mothers

In search of Wize Mothers

“In most cultures, acceptance of desire and longing has ordinarily been intermingled with acceptance of dread, the passage of time, and mortality. But, in the United States, many of the writers who tried to set the tone took the dread and fear … or as the country’s foremost writer of children’s stories, L. Frank Baum, would say, the heartache and nightmare – out of desire, and gave life a happy face that would never grow old.”

-William Leach-Land of Desire

Reading that, makes me immediately think, Oh,how very Disney!
No one ever grows old in Disney movies; everyone is young and beautiful and lives happily ever after…If they don’t – they are old and ugly and MADE the villains.
-Nikki Lee



“Alice became a heroine for me because she fell into this hole and she just free fell. She didn’t grab for the edges, she wasn’t terrified, trying to stop her fall; she just fell and she looked at things as she went down. Then, when she landed, she was in a new place. She didn’t take refuge in anything. I used to aspire to be like that because I saw myself getting near the hole and just screaming…” –Taking Refuge

Hmm, to be fearless is amazing; but more to be terrified in fear and still find the courage to face your fears! To be brave and courageous and do something anyways…
-Nikki Lee

 Here is a poem I wrote.


Wize Mother’s! Wize Mothers!

Come out where ever you are!

Wize Mother’s! Wize Mothers!
Near and far, come out where ever you are!

Wize Mothers, Wize Mothers like Alice in Wonderland;
let your little children run away, far beyond the homeland.

Away to play!

Far beyond the homeland.

So that someday soon, they too will understand;
who we really are, near and far.
Even after all the rabbits are gone!



ps. Thank you to my own Wize Mother! Always and Forever.


 (Image Credit: Prawny of Pixabay.Com)


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