Essay: Remembering my Mothers

I have long believed that in the ancient times when cows were revered as sacred (think back to Isis and longer ago) it was a time when we truly understood the beauty and value of having a kindred relationship with a sacred animal.

I believe it was women, and their children who tended and cared for cows and the sacred milk of a cow was a special and rare sacrament that a woman who tended for a cow and her young might share to her children…

In this way, an intimate relationship between a woman and a cow was realized as mutually sharing care for each other. Thereby, a cow became a gentle wet-nurse to a woman’s children just as a woman became a caretaker to the cow and her offspring…together sharing motherhood of the young.

Anyone who has ever drunk the milk of a cow; has thus been nourished by her breast milk just as assuredly if your mother had breast-fed you. To drink of a cow’s milk is to act as a babe hungry for the nourishment of mother’s milk, and so, she becomes a mother and you the baby.

So I wonder how it is we have come from being a people for whom cows were divine and sacred milk mothers to our children; to now being a people whom so casually eat the flesh of our milk mothers? I have little doubt when the marauding patriarchal dominion overthrew divine motherhood spirituality – so too were her sacred cows sent to slaughter.

But now I claim remembrance to that divine beauty and sanctity and I will not disavow the legacy of my mothers. Being vegan is how I honor my mothers…


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