Essay: A way to Protect ourselves

I find it morbidly significant that in the living legacy of a patriarchal dominated society it is primarily female flesh that is continuously exploited as consumptive object, and disconnected from the vital reality of being a living being.

The repeated cloistering of female animals; and use of rape for forced impregnation of female animals is undeniably a violent edifice of male dominion against female principal; one sadly, that now many women themselves perpetuate. It deeply concerns me that women have become accomplices to the continuation of the abusive enslavement and violent exploitation of female animals and their young. Female identity in all its manifestations must be protected from such insidious destructive practices and for that to begin ALL OF US must stand up for that protection and must urge our children to understand the importance of such value as mother and child regardless of species.
Practicing vegan/vegetarian is for me, the beginning way to that protection.


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