Essay: of Human Qualities

Essay: of Human Qualities

I profoundly admire women, I feel sincerely, deeply kindred to women, and I feel I empathize emphatically with women; but, I do not consider myself singularly a woman.

I consider myself womanly as a transgender woman. I feel my feminine identity is as much a manifestation of biological traits and cultural conditioning and therefore as innate as most feminine women accept their own feminine identity to be. The prescriptions of woman culture that I identify with and accept as either necessary or comfortable, I accept equally and naturally as any woman might; but still, I do not consider myself a woman.

I was not raised as a little girl and did not have the general formative experiences that one may often identify and take for granted in the experience considered often or common with most women. Indeed of important consideration is the realization that I have never menstruated and will never to my greatest sadness be pregnant or give birth to a child…

And yet, despite all of this, I do feel incredibly womanly and therefore “woman like” but I realize that my experience and life is different and therefore something else.

The magic though would seem to be that in spite of the odds and differences – all my qualities that may be deemed “womanly” may, therefore, be revealed to just be “humanly”.

The fact that culturally these qualities physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually are systematically separated into being perceived as belonging to the nature of women exclusively; therefore, exposes a flaw culturally – because these are merely human qualities.


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